Working With Buyers and Investors

We have access to all the listings.  As a REBNY Members we get daily automatic updates of listings in New York City; and sometimes even before it hits the market.  We regularly track sales and rentals for all buildings and are ready to provide customers with comparables that can be used for negotiating as well as investment  indicators.

We have access to key information that you as a buyer may not have. We know how long property been on the market, how many times the price got adjusted, how many brokers were on the listing, how serious are the sellers and when the listings expire.  We also get information from other brokers that could be crucial to negotiations.

We have the tools and knowledge to negotiate on your behalf and make sure you get the best price.

We have the experience dealing with Coops and what is necessary to get accepted.

We have the expertise of preparing board packages, interview preparations and financial analysis necessary for New York City Property purchasing process.

We have the knowledge and experience of what mortgage companies are likely to expect from a buyer and will prepare you to get ready for your purchase.

We have access to comparables for buildings; We can provide you with what sold, when and for how much.

We provide full purchase analysis, the pros and cons of purchasing a property for personal use as well as investment.  We do Return On Investment and provide projection for a given period of time. We work with many investors regularly and we know information is power.

We will walk you through the purchase cycle and advice you in every step of the way. I promise you won’t be disappointed.